Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not healed but not done

Soil Tac is now on the jumps. They will be bullet proof from kids climbing on them. Yes!

Dr. Seeman has given me good news. He has concluded that my pcl is a second degree tear which means that it is somewhat intact. Surgery will not be of much benefit to stablizing my knee. I will have to compensate for the tear by strengthening my quadricep and wearing a knee brace. I am thinking I will be back on my bike in a few weeks. I plan on riding my purple and white road bike a lot and hiking as much as possible. This new has cheered me up just like the 40 trees we planted at the V. Clay bought a bunch of cottonwood hybrids that grow 6 to 8 feet per year. I dug a few trees out of the gully and placed them in strategic points too. If you join the Arbor Day foundation you get 10 trees for $10. The world would be a better place if everyone planted 10.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Broken parts

I have a third degree tear of my pcl. It is basically completely torn. Monday I find out if I need surgery. My body has had many broken parts over the years. This injury is bumming me out more than most of them. The knee is just so crucial to enjoying life. I torn my other pcl in 1999 and haven't had any issues with it. I guess the thought of surgery scares me. I am also scared of this being the injury that takes me out. I have come back from some bad shit but a knee can take you out, off your bmx forever.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sun down

This is the best sunset I have ever seen or captured. Ontario, Canada near Montreal is a beautiful area. I was there on a feild trip with my Petrology class and we stayed on this lake. The most important thing I learned on that trip was that I need to go back there and see more of that area.
2nd best sunsets in the world (National Geographic) happen in Erie, PA. This one was nice. I guess Japan and China produce more pollution so they get the best.
I was driving to a Montana oil rig when the sun pinked the clouds. It turned out nice and artistic. I think I was just exiting the Black Hills in South Dakota. There is not much around this North Dakota oil rig. It is so amazing how spaced out everything is except the corn. I drove 14 hours to the site, slept in the truck for two nights while working for 2 hours every 8 or 10 hours, and then drove back home to work again. So this sunset was the only good thing to happen on that trip.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Random pictures are nice to look at. Sometimes it is relaxing and inspiring to go through your photo books to see all those things you have forgoten for the moment. I wish I would have bought my camera many years earlier because there are so many things I did not capture. I guess I still don't capture enough even with multiple cameras. When the days of looking young, jumping bikes, hiking canyons, and trying new sports is over, you may only have a picture to make you feel that feeling once more.
Costa Rica beach sunset
Ed's Uncle Cliff going out to break his board
Perfect timing at 248 with all the homies
4th of July 2006 Black Canyon of the Gunnison 1500 feet down a sweet canyon
Colorado's biggest dammed lake 1500 feet above the canyon
Ted looking drunk, smoked and funny
Got a new job. Fuck cutting rocks.
Blew out my knee. I think the pcl is torn but an MRI will reveal the truth Monday.