Sunday, August 30, 2009

People of the World

Hong Kong

Huelien, Taiwan

Bangkok, Thailand

Tiger Temple, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

South Island, New Zealand

Nadi, Fiji

Cambodia Boarder

Sydney, Australia

Beijing, China

Forbiden City, Beijing, China

The Great Wall, China

The Market, Beijing, China

Village Near Kunshan, China
Old City Beijing, China

Friday, August 28, 2009

China is Communist? Whatever that means.

China was our favorite place for culture on the trip. It is opposite of what you think.
We went to Hooter's in Beijing. Funny and sad.

Walking the Great Wall was humbling. Seeing these old, skinny men carry bricks in the wooden backpacks made me feel weak, lucky, and shocked. One stopped and said "Where are you from?", and I said "The US." Then his manager yelled at him to get moving after a 5 second break. We couldn't believe the entire situation.

Stacey and I loved walking the wall. We are so lucky to have walked with the master of the wall, Ed Davis.

One of the best experiences in China was riding bikes through the small streets of old areas and then ending up in a shopping mall. There is so much old and new fighting for space. the new is winning.

A farmer on the wall showed Ed his tobacco, which he grows in the fields below. He let us try it too.