Sunday, July 22, 2007

Top Five on My List

Stacey and her best friend Kate.
This is how it looks all over.
Our boat crew minus me.
Camp site.
Not the average house boat.
Rainbow Arch, biggest in the world.
4,600 ft to the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon.
The water used to be so much higher at Lake Powell that you could drive a boat under this. Now it is a 1 mile hike.
200 hundred foot cliff with 300 feet of water below us.

Lake Powell is one of the top five places I have ever visited. We stayed on a 60ft. house boat with granite counter tops, cruised the lake in a 1000 horse power boat at 80 mph, and did not pay a dime for the $500 in gas each day. It was basicaly a free trip due to the wealth of a cool guy named Arron. The lake is just amazing and the vibe was perfect. Lots of good food and beer made things even better. It was about 105 everyday but that wasn't too bad because you just jump off the top of the house boat. We drove the boat about 5 hours each day and we didn't see even half of the lake. It is 190 miles long but also has hundreds of canyons filled with water along the main channel. The world's largest natural arch is there and the Grand Canyon was only 1.5 hours away. I can only hope to do it again in the same fashion.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Day

Isabell Lake
Glacier water.
Life is good when you get to look at such beauty.

Alpine flowers just feet from the snow in July. So amazing.
This was the view of the start of the hike. Our goal the snow.

This little creek runs from above treeline to the Gulf of Mexico.
This spot was much better in person.
Check out he layers of snow behind us. This was one of the better hikes I have done. It wasn't to hard but around 10,000ft it is hard to breath and recover quickly. It was 100 degrees in Denver yesterday but about 80 here. This is what life in Colorado is all about. There was a dude walking back that had his skis with him. Shredding the snow in July.