Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not Scared to Jump

Stacey took me skydiving 2 years ago for my bithday. Here we are in our suits at the hanger.
This is how Stacey looked the whole time. So excited.
We didn't get to bring the camera up in the plane. This is the last picture before we jumped. There were a few people who chickend out before us. I was not scared at all though. It was out of my control, so I was just a passenger along to enjoy the ride. It was fast, intense, and memorable.
Random shot of Stacey at Beaver Creek.
This is up Lookout Mountain in Golden with my woman. This Spring was so green and wet but beautiful. I rode my road bike up this hill yesterday just so I could go back down. You start down by the houses and climb about 2,000 feet to the top. I think I hit about 40mph on the way down. Shred.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Stacey's dad was in town last weekend and we decided to go to some places we had never been. Here is Roxborough State Park, which is the same rock layers as Red Rocks but further south.
Rocky Mountain National Park has more amazing things to see than I have time for. Nice 3 mile hike to some flowing water and a helping hand for my lady.
Water is the best thing to happen to Planet Earth. Respect your supply.