Monday, March 26, 2007


Most of my day is spent working. I hate that life is expensive and money is only gained through work. Why can't I climb moutains to reap the reward of the money tree at the top? I work in this lab where we create data for oil and gas companies. The rocks are the source of information and we have to cut them up. The slab saw will cover you in dirt and rip your ear drums from you head. The final product of the cut is the slab, a beautiful smooth cut surface of a core(rock). Slabs are pretty when there are fossils and other types of formations with in the rock. Some of the rock is from 10,00 feet underground. It is crazy to think of time when you are looking at somethin 100 million years old. Other parts of my job include extraction of the oil and water from the samples, drilling plugs, taking photographs, and analyzing the rocks with a computer program measuring pressure differentials. Its a good job and I have learned many good things, but I know there are always better things waiting around the corner.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Vactions Change Your Life

After graduation I had no idea what i wanted to do. Lanscape, labor, pooper scooper business, all sounded like shit. I did know i wanted to go to Colorado with Stacey, so we did. This trip sold me on the move and taught me that Michigan sucks compared to here. We drove, camped in the snow and rain, hike 14 miles in one afternoon, and had a fun time. Anyone who comes here thinks of moving here for at least a minute. I am sure glad I thought about it longer and made it happen. Colorado vacation 2005.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Coaster Wheelie

I forgot this picture for the East Lansing jumps. It is my favorite one that my girl took on that wonderful day I allowed her to see what I had built with my shovel. We had just started our journey and I wasn't sure if I should let her in that far, but I did and now we are perfect together. You came flying into this little corner back with logs and used it to lift you front wheel. Then you hoped your body position was correct because you had to maual through the s-berm. It was a one of a kind sensation. Never felt it before and never will again.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Roller Coaster

s berm rollers

steep into the right berm
3rd 90 hip

Three rollers, steep down hill to the left, tight berm to the right, 90 degree hip left, 90 degree hip right, 90 degree hip left, jump into left berm, tight left berm with roller, s berm with 4 rollers, back to the top. This was my own place in the woods of East Lansing, MI. It was never finished but it was so much sensation when it was riding. Not many people did ride it or see it or hear of it. It was my little underground build to keep me content in the cloudiest city in Michigan. I needed to smell the dirt and create my own while I studied the Earth. It held me over until I could get back to the 248. Now the place is just weeds and lumps, ant hills and rabbit dens.