Monday, June 29, 2009

Taiwan, Not What You Would Think Of

First Day in Tawain was all about cooling off in the river. Then it started raining and we heated up in some sweet hot spring pools while the rain came down, hard. Photo: Derek, Ed and I about to launch.
The next day was all about the beach and some German food. This is the liter of beer we recieved. Ashley and Stacey are stoked.

This was our favorite photo from Cambodia.

After the beach, we drove the scooters back to Taipei through the mountains and came upon this view.

A German salad.
Ed has this cliff so dialed in that he can drink beer while enjoying gravity.

Angkor Wat is an amazing place.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The night is never ending in Bangkok.

This was the biggest tiger at the Temple. His did not like me touching him so he whipped me with his tail. Stacey went before me and got a good kick from this guy.

The view from above Railay. The best place and beach in Thailand.

Welcome to Siemreap, Cambodia. Nothing in our lives prepared us for what life in Cambodia is like.

Angkor Thom is place of stone heads, all of them smiling.

Walking our way out of Cambodia.

Stacey and I are riding a scooter while taking this photo.

The first mistake we made was leaving the south of Thailand. After Phi Phi Island we stayed in Railay. This is the best place we have been in Thailand. Beautiful cliffs all around and once agian no cars, only feet here. We loved it there and we should have stayed but we decided to take the 12 hour over night bus to Bangkok. It sucked, but we made it alive. We did some more sight seeing in Bangkok and then we did a day trip to the Tiger Temple. This place has real big tigers that the monks take care of and you can pay them to pet the giant animals. It was crazy and it would never be allowed in the Western World. Then the next day we went to Cambodia. Like I said we should have stayed in the south of Thailand. We got scamed on the bus ride, then you got crap hotel and the place is a bit scarey. It all worked out fine and we were albe to see Angkor. Although we were depressed by the way things were around us, we did enjoy the temples and the experience, once it was over. After another 12 hour travel day we made it back to Thailand. Now we are spending a few days on the beach before we go to Taiwan to see Ed in his world. Traveling is not like a vacation, it is like having to go somewhere on a budget.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Stacey and I are loving the tropical Island of Ko Phi Phi, as you can see from the picture. This place is near perfect and no cars are on the island, all transport is by foot and bike. This photo is from the pool at our hotel. This hotel was wiped out by the Tsunami in 2004. So many people here were killed and we heard a sad story from the worker at out hotel.
This photo is at the beach were "The Beach" movie took place. Beautiful. Were took a long tail boat out all day and ended the trip here. It is definately a place everyone should see.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Melbourne, Australia

Yesterday we went to a few vineyards in the Yarra Valley. Good fun.

While in Melbourne, we rented this beast of a car and drove the Great Ocean Road. It was wonderfull.

This is a part of the Great Road. To the south is nothing but Antartica.

After Sydney, we took the train south to Merimbula. There were kangaroos at the golf course so we went to see them. Stacey hit two on accident.