Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some One Hurt The Dirt

Jump #2
Rediculous landings
Jump #4
Jump #10 and the start of #11, about 30 feet long hip left

Jump #6
We build mountains. Jump #7 (straight) and 8 (90 degree trun right)
Buckets, BBQ, Bikes, Beer
The sign I created to keep kids from climbing on the jumps and letting people know what they are. Nobody ever believes that these are built by hand, by men, for free, for fun, to feel what others don't.
The view starting at jump #3.
Jump #8
Landings #4
Standing on landing #9 and looking to the start.

Last Sunday I recieved a call from Billy saying that someone destroyed our jumps. A pick ax and shovels can crush months of work in just a few hours or minutes even. We have no idea who did it or why. All we know is that if we ever catch them it will be war. Billy and Clay fixed most of the damage this week. I made it out toady for some digging. They can come back again and again to destroy our work , but we will return to fix it. It may be a never ending cycle. Someone will prevail?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Work (Somedays)

This is what I do at work somedays. Here we are mixing a solution and injecting it in the ground to clean up some other chemicals. Most of the time we sample soils and water.
We use a hammer to slam the pipe in the ground. Then we pull it out to a certain depth to inject the solution.
Here I am after 4 years of school to do this? It is actually fun at times. Work is better than no work to be had.