Friday, October 5, 2007

This Year Flew By

Neal Wood and I while at Robbie's wedding. It is crazy to not see the people I used to see at BMX races. It is like 12 years of your connections just end. Done going to the middle of nowhere, sleeping in the pick up truck, and working for nothing for a career.
Dan did a 4 month road trip and stopped in. I think he is still on the trip just not on the road.
I went to 4 weddings this year. Tomas's was really fun and pretty.
Stacey and I went rafting with Matt a few times. Now it is over possibly forever because Matt is going to fight forest fires.
On one of my past work trips I saw the good guys. I was much cooler than I expected. It is huge, detailed and in a beautiful area.
My sister came to visit a year ago. Her year has even been faster and crazier than ever expected.
I helped Stacey cross the river while her Dad visited. My Parents visited but I can't find the photo.
Stacey now has a large piece of carbon on her hand. She is amazing.
The trip to Lake Powell was possible the best trip I have ever been on. Well, it was the best beer drinking, boat riding, and eating good trip.

It has almost been two years in CO. This girl and I have good times.
We went snow shoeing last winter. This was the view from the top.
Ted came here more than a year ago, he was figuring out the meaning of life and where he should live his.
I rode Pipe Dream once last year. It was too wet this day but still beautiful. Built with vision, shovels, dirt, trees and time. Beeler is on the bridge and I wish I was riding it right now.
I am sure this year will go even faster. My goal is to enjoy each day just like last year.