Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Benny and Matt

It is very nice to have 2 good friends in a place that is 2000 miles from home. Matt lives in the hills and Benny lives near me. We really don't hang much but when we do it is great. Last weekend we stayed with Matt and went snowboarding at beaver creek. It was one of the best days i have had in Colorado because we ripped. There really isn't anything better than flying trough trees on the board and having your two friends in sight.

Here is a picture of us in Benny's truck which he thinks is indestructable. We straped two folding chairs in the back with ratchet straps so our feet would be braced against the cab. Ben and Stacey rode up front while Matt and i were in back. Benny is a reckless driver and will make me scared on the highway, but this was on crazy mountain trails so i was really fucking scared. We drank our beer and cruised up into the aspens. It was great. On the way back Ben decides to hit this lump and makes the truck go airborne, all four whells. Beer is flying and so are we. Matt's chair breaks as the wheels of the truck grind the frame. It was so fun to make it through alive.

Monday, February 19, 2007


This winter has been crazy. 62 days straght with measurable snow on the ground might set the Denver record. Some days far below zero limited me to my house causing some winter blues but nothing like MI. It is still sunny here whn it is -15. One day it snowed 32 inches and has been followed by a storm once a week. I still love it here. Yesterday I worked on the dirt until my skin turned red and the day before I went snowshoeing with Stacey at 11,000 ft. I don't think i am missing out on life while living here. The picture is of Garret at my house when we dug out and went snowboarding in that pow. The other is on a hill just a quick hike away from my door.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Years in Chicago

Tomas got married and the bachelor party was fun. He got waxed and bled. He got tits in his face and pee on his chest from a skanky stripper. The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art had an exhibition called Masive Change. It was all about the changing world and the designs of all products to advance humans for the better. It blew my mind.

Friday, February 9, 2007

First Step

I decided to try this blog because ed and ted have influenced me to share more of my life with them. So enjoy. This dirt brings me fun and sensation that no other activity in life can give me. Billy is the badass and digs from 8 am until everyone else shows up to ride. His dog, Penny, will run more in one day than I ever will. The dirt is great when it is moist but the solar energy in CO is stronger than the bonds of the dirt grains. We have big plans this year. All the lines will linkto a main line in the end, 20 trees will be planted and a polymer called Soil TAc will be laid down to fight the sun. The V, Denver, CO.