Friday, January 8, 2010

The Darkness

The last four days have been spent 3,000 feet underground in a mine learning about safety and the mine.
I drove home in a blizzard.

This toilet is 3,00o feet underground. The one we use near the class room is no longer white.

This is the shaft that the cage takes you down in. They brought down 80 ton trucks on this. Insane.

Heading down from 10,300 feet to 7,500 feet. Going that far underground is just a mind mess. It is similar to swimming in the ocean with 5,000 feet of water below you. It is just really odd to think about compared to daily surface life. My instructor has gone underground for 30 years.


Yaga Cuba said...

Be Careful down-yander brother!! How much further would you have to go before reaching the other side??

The Fons said...

many miles to go. very cool experience to to have.